This service allows you to pay your Oneida County Weight and Measures payments electronically and is a service of Value Payment Systems. All payments are processed immediately and the payment date is equal to the time you complete your transaction.
By using this service, the User understands that this transaction is completed via a 3rd party (Value Payment Systems).

Credit Card Disclaimer

Oneida County (hereinafter ""OC"") is committed to providing its customers with the highest levels of service. In furtherance of this commitment, OC allows taxpayers to pay certain charges with a credit card, using the Internet. Taxpayers should check OC’s website for information and updates regarding the types of charges for which credit card payment is available.

OC has made arrangements with the Value Payment Systems (VPS) credit card service provider to provide these services. Taxpayers who decide to pay by credit card will be asked by the credit card service provider to furnish personal identifying information, the credit card number and expiration date, the amount of the payment and payment application information. The credit card service provider will charge a convenience fee to taxpayers to cover its cost of providing this service. However, users will be informed of the amount of the fee before they confirm the credit card payment. Users who decide to proceed with the transaction will receive a confirmation number from the credit card service provider as proof of payment. Each user should also note that, following authorization of the credit card payment, the credit card service provider will forward to OC only that information necessary for OC to properly credit the payment to users account (i.e., identifying information, payment amount and application information). OC will not receive any personal credit card information, such as credit card number or account status.

OC provides a link to the VPS website solely as a convenience to the user. The decision to use or not to use the products or services offered by VPS is entirely up to the user. Questions regarding content, privacy policies and/or security procedures of the credit card service providers should be directed to those providers, and not to OC.

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Payment Type : Weights and Measures